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Giardino Italiano 08.2021 Laguna Viva

The magazine Giardino Italiano, an international magazine supplement of Topscape Paysage, has published an article regarding the project Laguna Viva. Created by We are here Venice in collaboration with the Assemble collective, the intervention converts the external space of V-A-C Foundation…

Read More 19.01.2021 Change cruise course

Jane da Mosto, co-founder and executive director di WahV, and the economist and members of WahV Laura Onofri has discussed regarding the problems of cruise tourism for the documentary “Kreuzfahrt auf Kurswechsel” on Arte.Tv.

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Serbian newspaper Telegraf 03.01.2021

We are here Venice gave an interview to Serbian newspaper Telegraf, as part of an investigation regarding how Venice is coping with the pandemic. “The pandemic had many visible, and less visible, effects on the city - it especially put…

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The World 22.10.2020: Is Overtourism Over?

The World spoke to We are here Venice about the city's changing relationship with tourism following the Covid-19 lockdown in Italy in spring 2020. The article compares Venice's situation with other European cities known for attracting overwhelming numbers of tourists,…

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May Venice 19.10.2020: Living the Laguna Viva

Jane da Mosto was interviewed by May Venice alongside Marcantonio Brandolini d'Adda, Creative Director of glass company Laguna B in our LagunaViva installation at the VAC Foundation in Venice. We are working together to demonstrate the potential of the Venetian lagoon as a carbon sink. Photo by Selina Zampedri.

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CGTN: A city for locals or for tourists?

Beijing news outlet CGTN spoke to We are here Venice about the effect of Covid-19 measures on Venice's economy, and how the city might diversify its activities in the future to become more resilient. Even with months of lockdown and…

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Wish Magazine 04.09.2020: Venice Regained

We are here Venice contributed to an in-depth feature on Venice in Australian magazine Wish, who reached out to us to learn about the city's complex and delicate lagoon system. What’s increasingly clear is that the lagoon is the protagonist of…

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Geo France 03.09.2020: Venice Rediscovered

We are here Venice was contacted by Geo France to contribute to a detailed exploration of the city's potential rebirth following Covid-19 restrictions. In the middle of the lagoon, on the island of Sant’Erasmo, the Frenchman Michel Thoulouze is savouring…

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