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Aroop – Issue on Failure

WahV contributed to Aroop magazine's volume on Failure with an essay entitled “The Venice Paradox". The review's fourth volume of 2020 also included contributions from acclaimed writers Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee, Vivek Narayanan and Sumana Roy. It was guest-edited by Ananya…

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Whose City Is It Anyway?

Following our 2019 publication How Was It For You?, We are here Venice is publishing Whose City Is It Anyway?  - a comprehensive summary of Venice's relationship with tourism, along with specific policy recommendations for how this relationship might be improved. Following lockdown…

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Acqua In Piazza - Cover

Acqua in Piazza (2016)

Acqua in Piazza offers a selection of data, observations and explanations to stimulate thinking about the interrelationship between Venice and water, the aspects that are changeless and the issues vital to the future of Piazza San Marco, emblem of the…

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Vogliamo Venezia (2015)

Booklet following the flash-mob “Vogliamo Venezia” in September 2015 to show the Venetians view of the cruiseship problem and demonstrate the need for greater public participation in the decisions affecting Venice’s future. The booklet was prepared specially for the UNESCO…

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Villa Frankenstein - Cover

Villa Frankenstein Vol. #2 (2010)

Villa Frankenstein – The Journal of the British Pavilion Vol. #2 now available for download   Volume #2 – LA LAGUNA DI VENEZIA takes a closer look at the Venice lagoon and the issues surrounding it including step by steps…

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The Venice Report - Cover

The Venice Report (2009)

Venice is at a crossroads: choices now could be decisive, for good or for very bad We can’t lobby effectively for Venice without better information. Sound information is vital if there is to be worthwhile long-term planning for the city…

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