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Biennale related work

We are here Venice has been facilitating connections between curators, production teams and Venice as a real city. So far, we have been engaged by representative of a few different countries and institutions that will be exhibiting later this year.…

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2016 Theatrum Mundi

CULTURE BEYOND TOURISM In July 2016, TM and WahW organised a second workshop in Venice specifically on CULTURE BEYOND TOURISM. We live in an era of planetary tourism. Tourism accounts for 9% of global GDP and is climbing. One out…

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2016 Forum Futuro Arsenale

The movement that began in 2012 to monitor and contribute to the revitalisation of the enormous Arsenale compendium has now formalised its existence as a non-profit organisation. The interests of over 30 local groups are represented by this coordinating body.…

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