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BACK SOON (but better)

“Back soon (but better)” is a call for citizens to express their ideas, desires and reflections on the city post-coronavirus. From May 2020, We are here Venice uses its cruise ship poster campaign to put up posters that have been…

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BBC Radio Scotland 20.05.2020

We are here Venice's Jane da Mosto spoke to BBC Radio Scotland about the impact of Covid-19 on Venice's tourist-based economy. International scrutiny on Venice has intensified as the world wonders how a city that was so dependent on tourism…

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Collettivo Barena Bianca

In 2018 WahV began a collaboration with the artist collective Barena Bianca, following their meeting during a workshop at IUAV Visual Arts dept. Barena Primavera-Estate Barena Primavera-Estate was a workshop produced by We are here Venice and curated by the…

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WahV and the Venice Fellows

This is the second year that WahV has been asked by the British Council to provide orientation sessions to their Venice Fellows, as a Supporting Partner. The students and researchers come to work at the British Pavilion during the Biennale…

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Nitrogen oxide monitoring pilot study

Air quality in port cities is a major cause for concern, especially as more evidence emerges from epidemiological studies that show a direct correlation between illnesses associated with air pollution and proximity of homes to busy ports. In preparation for…

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