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2014 “Gruppo Spontaneo Ca’ Tron – Contorta”

WahV coordinated a working group of independent experts to review the Port Authority’s plan to dredge a new navigation channel for cruise ships to come into Venice. Working in concert with various professionals, a collection of technical reports was produced for the environmental impact assessment by the Italian Environment Ministry.

With very little time available, the coordinating role of wahv made it possible for professionals to focus their expertise while ensuring that all aspects of the plan were addressed by the entire group. WahV, in collaboration with the Cambridge University Coastal Research Unit, also submitted its own report, concerning the strategic and precautionary aspects of the plan and the general Port Authority approach, in the light of known uncertainties.

Read the Report to the Ministry of Environment

renzi-stop-alle-grandi-naviOriginal text of the Avaaz petition launched by members of the “Gruppo Spontaneo” that eventually reached over 100,000 signatures and wa presented to the Prime Minister in May 2015.

Link to the petition

Photos from the series of events on flickr

For further observations, follow this link.

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