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2014 Venezia è Laguna And The Regata Storica

In concert with various other local groups fighting the plan to dredge a new navigation channel in the Lagoon for cruiseships, WahV chose to use the occasion to re-affirm a crucial dimension of Venetian governance: to save the city, the Lagoon needs to be protected — they are inseparable elements of a single system. They always have been and always must be for Venice to continue to exist.

A flag with the message to think about Venice started flying on the facades of many palaces, offices and homes along the Grand Canal during the Regata Storica on 7 September 2014. It is now spreading everywhere, to show that the city is united, vigilant and ready to be a protagonist in all decisions that concern Venice with the same long-term vision with which the city was originally constructed as well as the power of the tradition, the intelligence and rigour of Venetian citizens and all who love Venice.


Venezia è Laguna is one of many actions from the grass roots citizens’ petition to the international campaigns to block plans to dredge other maxi-channels in the lagoon. Instead, we all hope that the cruise ship problem will be addressed with a more strategic focus that does not carry heavy impacts for the lagoon nor the everyday life of Venice.

Position of 50 Venezia è Laguna flags along the Grand Canal for the Regata Storica 2014.


Download the Venezia è Laguna presentation in pdf format.



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