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2015 Victoria & Albert Museum: ALL OF THIS BELONGS TO YOU

WahV carried out background research for muf art/architecture’s installation in the Medieval Galleries. The idea was to re-unite the objects originally taken from Venice that have been at the Museum for decades, centuries even, with the history of the places they came from since they have been away.

Overall the V&A examined the role of public institutions in contemporary life and what it means to be responsible for a national collection. A series of specially commissioned interventions around the Museum raised questions about the opportunities, obligations and limits to participation in this national institution. The exhibition acted as a laboratory for public life and explored the role of design and architecture in defining civic identity, technology, security, citizenship, democracy, the public realm and urban experience.

WahV participated in some muf workshops in the Medieval Gallery which sought to bring civic life into the museum, e.g. the away-day of admin workers from a hospice, and make the museum more accessible to groups who wouldn’t otherwise approach a place like the V&A.


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