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Belgian, Danish, Swedish, And Polish Media Get In Touch For Post Covid-19 Insight

Image by Annie Drew.

Danish national newspaper Information, along with Belgian De Standaard, Swedish Dagens Nyheter and Polish Rzeczpospolita got in touch with We are here Venice to explore the city’s changed outlook after Covid-19 brought drastic changes to the way the city operates.

“The pandemic is an opportunity to change Venice,” says Jane Da Mosto of We are here Venice, whose goal is to ensure a sustainable future for Venice. “If we are to save Venice, this is the time to do it. We knew we were too dependent on tourism, now we have a chance to rethink the state of things. Otherwise, we are left with a dying city that disappears under the hordes of tourists.” – Information

The NGO ‘We Are Here Venice’ has developed a good working relationship with the technical departments in the city’s administration. “We work well with the tide office”, says Jane da Mosto, who cites a concrete example. “At a strategic point in the city we were able to restore the measuring equipment that records the water level. It hadn’t worked for three years, because the wood to which it was attached had rotten away in the water. However, the ambulance and fire-fighting boats need the exact water level to estimate under which bridges they can go. With such initiatives we can support the city. We fill in the gaps – literally and figuratively’. – De Standaard

VENICE. Clear canals and empty alleys. When covid-19 stopped visitors, the inhabitants of Venice saw their city in a new shimmer. Now they hope that the pandemic will be the starting shot for a reborn Venice – beyond mass tourism. – Dagens Nyheter

Visitors in Venice should be encouraged to spend more time experiencing the city and stay for longer periods of time. This slower kind of tourism provides a better level of engagement between visitors and residents and reduces the pressure that large numbers of day-trippers put on the city’s delicate infrastructure. – Rzeczpospolita


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