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How Was It For You? (2019)

La Biennale di Venezia is a global cultural event which draws the world’s gaze to Venice. How Was It For You? is an investigation into the ways in which the institution serves the interests of the city and its residents. This report marks the beginning of We Are Here Venice’s efforts to objectively clarify some of the present dynamics, following years of observation and in the context of a continuous, ongoing research process. The size and influence of the Biennale institution means it is, and will continue to be, crucial in determining the future of the city. The question is not whether Venice should host the Biennale: it is a significant reality. But should Venice be getting more from the Biennale, and vice versa?

The report was undertaken during the XVI Architecture Biennale (Freespace, 2019) and is based on observations, collected data, interviews and media reports. The research presented in the study has stimulated some meaningful responses from exhibition curators, exhibitors and in the press. See link to article in The Art Newspaper (10.06.2019) and in Monopol (09.07.2019).

Here you can download the complete pdf document.


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