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Information Spreading Through Several Media Channels

On June 2 2019 the 65,000t MSC Opera cruise ship lost control and crashed into the River Countess barge at San Basilio. The world is waiting for Venice to be spared the nightmare of large cruise ships in the lagoon and this should have triggered an immediate significant policy response. We received a huge number of requests for interviews. Here is a selection:

XLSemanal, 30.06.2019

ELLE France, 27.06.2019

Daily Mail, 20.06.2019

Sky news, 11.06.2019

Il fatto quotidiano, 24.06.2019

CBS News, 03.06.2019

BBC Newshour at about 37min40secs, 02.06.2019

BBC Radio 4 PM programme from 14.30mins, 03.06.2019

Associated Press, 03.06.2019

CNBC, 03.06.2019

Metro, 03.06.2019

New York Post, 02.06.2019

IS THIS THE DEATH OF VENICE” by David Jones appeared in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail on 20.6.2019. It prompted a massive response which we have distilled here, based on the most-rated online comments. There is overwhelming support for the need to prioritise the preservation of Venice, the lagoon as well as the daily life of residents.



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