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Istituto Veneto Award For Venice 2021

The publication Whose city is it anyway?, written by Carolyn Smith and Jane da Mosto, won the Istituto Veneto Award for Venice 2021. The award ceremony was held the 11th of September at Palazzo Franchetti and can be watched again here 

The Judging Committee decided to award the prize ex aequo to Carolyn Smith and Jane da Mosto, for the essay Whose city is it anyway? and to Gustav Hofer, for the video reportage entitled Gli ultimi veneziani?, together with a mention of the work of the Independent Civic Observatory on Housing and Residence (OCIO).

Carolyn Smith and Jane da Mosto were recognized for the completeness of their work, which is accurate, well-argued and capable of highlighting the main problems afflicting the city today and the challenges it addresses in building a better future.

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