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Poll Shows That Venetian Citizens Want To Vote In The Referendum On 01/12/2019

On 1/11/2019 we released the findings of an opinion poll conducted by GPF that revealed a strong tendency for Venetian citizens to vote in the forthcoming referendum to change the way the cities of Mestre (incl. Marghera) and Venice (incl. lagoon) are administered.

The poll suggests that the required quorum for the referendum is likely to be reached.

This is despite the Mayor’s obstruction of the consultation (when cancellation of the Referendum by the Regional court was overturned by the High Court, the mayor implored citizens to not exercise their democratic right to participate in the referendum).

Front page of Il Gazzettino 02/11/2019

The survey has been published in local newspapers La Nuova Venezia, Il Gazzettino and Il Corriere del Veneto.

Article in Il Gazzettino 02/11/2019

On the 1st of December 2019 the residents of Venice and the nearby mainland will vote on whether the lagoon city should be run under a separate administration from the port cities of Mestre and Marghera, which would allow for specialised policies to regenerate both areas.

Il Corriere del Veneto, 02/11/2019

This would protect Venice from the voracious tourism monoculture and depopulation which plagues the city, while the industrial mainland cities of Mestre and Marghera would be able to transform abandoned industrial areas and improve security.

La Nuova Venezia, 02/11/2019
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