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The British Committee for the Preservation of Venice

23 August 2010 by Anna Somers Cocks

Venice in Peril finances restoration projects as well as research into the underlying problems of Venice, such as flooding and managing tourism. We lobby for a long-term approach to protecting the city, both as a monument and a living community.

The Venice in Peril Fund, the British Committee for the Preservation of Venice, was created after the great flood of 1966, when waters were waist-high throughout the city. Since then the Fund has given millions of pounds for the restoration of Venetian monuments, buildings and works of art.

The Fund is also committed to ensuring the sustainability of Venice by communicating internationally on key issues and working with scientific bodies such as Cambridge University. Our latest project, with Jane da Mosto, independent expert, and Dr Tom Spencer of the University’s Coastal Research Unit, is an investigation of how conditions in the Venice Lagoon affect the historic city. Aside from the flooding problems, the urban fabric of Venice is seriously challenged by chronic, and rising, water levels that accelerate its decay. Through our research and communication projects, we try to articulate the key issues and trends affecting Venice in order to stimulate coherent policy making for the long-term future of the city and lagoon system.

The message Venice in Peril wants everyone to understand is that Venice is so fragile, in physical, environmental and even socio-economic dimensions, that it will survive only as long as
we want it to survive and are prepared to devote a great deal of money and planning and political energy to looking after it.

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