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Serbian Newspaper Telegraf 03.01.2021

We are here Venice gave an interview to Serbian newspaper Telegraf, as part of an investigation regarding how Venice is coping with the pandemic.

“The pandemic had many visible, and less visible, effects on the city – it especially put in evidence the reduced number of permanent residents and the emptiness left by the absence of tourism and its monoculture is a reflection of the lack of inhabitants most especially. The lack of visitors negatively affected many sectors: a lot of shops, hospitality, logistics activities have closed and many workers have lost their jobs. In terms of political strategies it seems not much effort is being invested yet, it seems to be the consensus view to move from the touristic monoculture perspective to a more diversified, long term socio-economic plan. Meanwhile, many voluntary associations and community groups in Venice are working to connect and build a stronger network of people living in the city, to exchange ideas, and also offer concrete help and overcome, where possible, the lack of cash resources.”

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