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Sponsored Run By Camilla Bertolini

On 7th March 2021 Camilla Bertolini, Chief Scientist of WahV, challenged herself to run 22km (14miles) following the cycling route where the Sile river meets the lagoon (from Portegrandi to CapoSile),  and then along the edge of the lagoon  to the large sea-side town Jesolo. This challenge raised more than €900 and “symbolises many things. Firstly, it’s a clear picture of the transitional nature of the Venice lagoon at the interface between sea and land. Secondly, one of the major threats to the lagoon nowadays is the lack of sediments which are traditionally brought in by the rivers, due to the majority of the tributaries being  diverted around the 17th century  (the Sile itself was diverted in 1683) – but there is hope, as the run will go past ‘Life lagoon refresh’ a big European project which is bringing some of that freshwater back. And thirdly, it arrives in Jesolo, a big tourist destination famous for the summer parties, camping and to be used as a base for day trips to Venice. The type of mass tourism that has been contributing to the degradation of the city, and now it’s the right time to rethink the future and the role of these areas for Venice.”

It is still possible to donate here.

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