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The LA Times 18.05.2020: European Hot Spots Like Venice, Italy, Are Reopening, But Without Many Tourists

Venice is predicted to be one of the last places to which travelers return, because social distancing measures are so difficult in the city’s winding streets and narrow alleyways.

“Nothing is going to bounce back,” Da Mosto said. “We can’t change what happened, but if we’re patient, we can consider long-term options.”

As the international media turns an eye to Venice, which is emerging from Covid-19 lockdown without its usual crowds of tourists, We are here Venice was interviewed by the LA Times. The journal has examined how the city could reinvent itself in a world where international travel could be restricted for some time.

The article explores various ways in which Venice’s heavily tourism-based economy could be restructured  – many of which would also help to bring in more sustainable practices in the lagoon city.

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