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CBC Radio 14.11.2019: Venice Needs New Governance System To Prevent Future Floods And Other Coverage Of The Disastrous Flooding Of November 2019

There’s no local administration that just thinks about the specificities of Venice and how best to look after it.”

We are here Venice has been featured by the Canadian broadcaster CBC , as extreme flooding in Venice makes headlines around the world.

The article places particular emphasis on the need for specialised governance in Venice, ahead of a referendum on the separation of the lagoon city from the industrial mainland on the 1st of December 2019.

The interview can be heard from 06:05 onwards.

One of the biggest failings of local governance in Venice is the MOSE flood barrier, which was due to be completed in 2003 but is still not functioning.

Vox Media’s The Verge contacted We are here Venice in light of the recent flooding, placing particular emphasis on this failed project:

We need to improve the decision making. We need to improve the planning. We need to improve the science and technology behind big infrastructure.”

Euronews has also covered the floods and the work of We are here Venice:

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