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Venice Salt Marshes As A Carbon Sink: Collaborative Workshop January 2020

We are here Venice is working in partnership with glass company Laguna B to reframe the value of protecting and reviving salt marsh in the Venice lagoon, with the aim of using the carbon sequestration properties of the wetlands for carbon offsetting.

To coincide with World Wetlands Day, WahV and Laguna B held a multidisciplinary workshop with experts from the University of Cambridge, the University of Padua, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the Veneto Region and the International Emissions Trading Association, among many others.

Salt marshes are a crucial aspect of Venice’s ecosystem. They provide habitat for the lagoon’s varied and unique wildlife, and have huge potential as carbon sinks; they are up to forty times more effective than trees at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. 

Restoring these wetlands would provide businesses with a means to offset their emissions as well as bringing a broad range of other benefits for protecting Venice.

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