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We Are Here Venice With The Peggy Guggenheim Collection: Teaming Up For The 2020 ASviS Festival

For the 2020 Festival  of the Italian network ASviS We are here Venice joined forces with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection to propose a series of free events involving young people.

All events are free and open to the public. The initiative was planned primarily to welcome the Guggenheim interns, who have finally returned to the museum after the programme was suspended due to Covid-19.

The programme highlights the delicate but crucially important symbiotic relationship between Venice and its lagoon, and the ways in which the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be used to frame the need to create a more sustainable future for the city. Attendees will be advised of the appropriate Covid-19 safety measures and will be required to follow them. In the event of rain, outdoor events will be cancelled.
Event information:
● 18:00 on 21/09/2020: introductory talk by Jane da Mosto, via Zoom
An overview of the WahV mission and the challenges it is tackling in Venice, via specific interventions, instigating change and building hope. There will be an opportunity for questions at the end.
16:00-18:00 on 22/09/2020: a walk around Sant’Erasmo and introduction to the Venetian lagoon by Jane da Mosto, leaving from Capannone
A guided walk on the island of Sant’Erasmo, where Jane da Mosto will explain the importance of salt marsh in the Venetian lagoon in the context of our past and future. Sturdy footwear required – dress appropriately for the weather. The walk will not take place in the event of rain.
From 10:00 on 29/09/2020: community clean-up at Sant’Erasmo together with Venice Calls, meeting at Capannone
Clearing litter off beaches and mudflats is essential for the health of the lagoon and its flora and fauna. Venice Calls, a volunteer group who regularly clean beaches and streets in Venice, are joining the event along with residents from Sant’Erasmo. Participants should wear sturdy footwear. Gloves and bin bags will be provided.
06/10/2020: clean-up of Venice’s canals in collaboration with the volunteer group Masegni e Nizioleti
As we saw during lockdown, clean canals allow a huge variety of wildlife to flourish across the lagoon city. Masegni e Nizioleti are a volunteer group in Venice who clean and restore the city’s street signs (nizioleti), paying particular attention to accuracy in the use of the local dialect.
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