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2016 Forum Futuro Arsenale

The movement that began in 2012 to monitor and contribute to the revitalisation of the enormous Arsenale compendium has now formalised its existence as a non-profit organisation. The interests of over 30 local groups are represented by this coordinating body. Jane da Mosto is one of the Directors.

forum_future_arsenaleWahV’s principal contribution is organizing the FFA’s participation in the annual “Open Arsenale” event, an invitation to the city to explore and enjoy the extensive spaces left over from centuries of ship building followed by military use. The intention is to show how different types of temporary uses can lead to longer term projects in the mostly empty buildings. The vision of the FFA for the future of the Arsenale compendium is expressed in this document.

For more information, download the pdf

Per maggiori informazioni, scarica il pdf

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