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Jane’s focus on direct action comes from her training as an environmental scientist (MA, Oxford University, M. Phil. Imperial College London) and international experience as a consultant on sustainable development. Research investigations have covered climate change and wetland ecology plus methodological issues like indicators and valuation approaches and the integration of different branches of knowledge and/or levels of uncertainty to overcome complexity and characterise urgent issues.

After working in London in management consultancy and venture capital, Jane joined the environmental economics group at the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei in Milan. Since moving to Venice in 1995, she has worked continuously and variously: European Projects for local NGOs; Agenda 21 for Venice Municipality; a review of climate change research in Italy for the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme/Consiglio Nazionale di Ricerca; the Venice in Peril Fund/Cambridge University five-year study “Flooding and Environmental Challenges for Venice and the Lagoon”, hosted by CORILA, and the Venice Report on demography, change in use of buildings, public finances and tourism; the OECD Territorial Review of Venice; muf/British Council installation at the Architecture Biennale etc as well as organising and participating in grass roots interventions. She gives lectures, frequently appears in the media and is invited to participate at conferences and seminars, worldwide.

Photo by Alice Edgely/Assemble

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