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ArchDaily, 03.01.2017: Venice Isn’t Sinking, It’s Flooding – And It Needs To Learn How To Swim

Article by James Taylor-Foster, covering acqua alta and highlighting that Venice is flooding, as it always has done, as opposed to ‘sinking’ as per popular perception. Acqua alta is a phenomenon viewed by tourists with excitement but something residents have dealt with – and continue to deal with – since time immemorial. However, Taylor-Foster goes on to cover the damage it can bring, and, in conversation with Jane Da Mosto, the article draws on the great flood of 1966, wahv’s commemorative exhibition L’Acqua e la Piazza, the MOSE project and the deficiencies in management.

‘There can be no doubt that Venice lives thanks to the regular exchange between the lagoon and the sea and, while there is still inherent resilience in the system, much has been neglected over the preceding decades.’

The article also documents Venice’s inscription as a World Heritage Site and the associated criteria.

Read the article here



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