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Clear Communication Around The Cruise Ships Problem In Venice

WahV is satisfied with all the media contacts that have been coming through since the events of the Summer 2019, triggered by evident incapability of the authorities and governing bodies not just in Venice but nationally and globally, to reign in the serious externalities of the cruise industry, combined with enormous private benefits. This is parodied in a popular TV show. The growth of the relatively energy intensive cruise sector also must be set against The Economist’s very serious coverage of the challenges of sea level rise due to climate change [download the related articles here and here]. WahV is receiving compliments for our effective “PR”. Our work is specifically in the area of building a deeper understanding of issues, gathering missing knowledge when necessary and communicating this objectively and clearly. The issues of air and water pollution were discussed in detail at the Shipping and Environment conference in Gothenburg, where we presented a poster about our awareness campaign. The evolution of the discourse surrounding the cruise industry is making it increasingly clear that Venice needs to be part of the solution and not only one of the most agonizing manifestations of the problem. While monitoring local developments, we are also developing stronger links to other Italian port cities as well as Adriatic, Mediterranean and global resistance in order to build more pressure for change. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR THIS, PLEASE CONTACT US

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