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LAGUNA cushion

Chiarastella Cattana has produced a special cushion dedicated to the Venice lagoon, as a “memento of the people, the rhythms of the seasons, traditional fishing that are part of a complex ecosystem that is now so vulnerable”. 10% of sales from every Laguna cushion will be donated to WahV by the boutique.


EX LIBRIS Introductory workshop: Traditional crafts linked to paper and their future

31st January 2018
14:00 – 18:30

The Project

EX LIBRIS involves five historical Venetian workshops whose crafts relate to the world of paper: the production of high quality, handmade paper, traditional publishing techniques, creative graphics, screen printing, engravings, binding.

Venice boasts a long tradition in these crafts, the city is full of historic libraries that preserve ancient texts, precious prints and miniatures, which can inspire young artisans. Venice attracts enthusiasts, collectors and customers from all over the world, this attraction is of great value to the artisans, delivering a continuously renewed clientele. Thus the techniques can be effectively passed down and improved, favouring the types of innovation that are based in the cultural and historical value of the products and the newly emerging organisational forms, such as business networks and co-working.

EX LIBRIS offers five students the opportunity to learn the artisanal crafts related to paper, printing and bookbinding, in order to make their own active contribution to the recovery and enhancement of this work, in response to the real risk of losing the immense wealth of knowledge, techniques and tradition that they represent. To this end we have organised a complex learning environment in which the master craftsmen and aspiring students coexist, mutually influencing each other. The programme will include apprenticeships, training sessions, visits to the best studios, creative collective workshops, co-working experiences and thematic workshops.


The introductory workshop

The workshop, organised by ECIPA,  in collaboration with the association WE ARE HERE VENICE,  will introduce the cultural, educational and organisational aspects of the project. It will also explain how to participate and acquire the tools to begin new artisanal activities in the future or take up existing ones. It will also provide an opportunity to meet the artisans and listen to testimonies from artisans in other cities.

For more information: contact ECIPA (Martina Turchetto) at 041.928638

or We are Venice at

The Programme: download the complete programme here


Mirabilia Venezia

In 2015 WahV helped with PR during the launch of Mirabilia and  looked for funding and partnership opportunities.

Mirabilia combines art and creativity, manual skills and top quality artisan work with offering work opportunities for men and women in difficulty. A range of accessories are produced with precious fabric remains donated by the only textile producers in Venice – Bevilacqua and Fortuny. It is affiliated with La Gagiandra Cooperative’s Textile Regeneration Workshop.

On behalf of Mirabilia, WahV edited JAR’s personal shopping guide to Venice.

Mirabilia Venezia al lavoro

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