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Venice Exploratorium

Image by Annie Drew.

In collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam and Professor Caroline Nevejan (Chief Scientific Officer of Amsterdam), WahV is co-curating the Exploratorium – a multi-disciplinary outreach programme which was due to run parallel to the Dutch Pavilion 2020. Now that the Venice Architecture Biennale has been postponed to 2021, this exciting collection of experimental collaborations will lead up to the international exhibition.

The Venice Exploratorium facilitates joint online research between artists and scientists who do not know each other but share a common desire to challenge the current state of affairs and push our cities to make more sustainable choices now that they are facing important environmental questions with regard to future development.

Through a diverse series of tracks incorporating both science and arts, the Exploratorium aims to explain, discuss and crystallise what is valuable in a 21st century city in the context of climate change and increasing pressure from mass tourism.

Through these re-established values, goals in city development and future policy can be reached, with the aim of ensuring a more sustainable future for everyone.

The programme will take place from April to July 2020, and will be documented  on the Amsterdam Open Research Platform. Results will be published by the Het Nieuwe Instituut in their series Values for Survival: Cahier 2 in September 2020.


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